Reach your full potential

At the top there is no room for sloppy technique. That’s why we developed Wiuhu.
For you to be a better skater. For you to reach your full potential.

What is it about?

The quality of training off the ice is crucial. Especially young players don’t have enough time on ice to train their skating technique. After years of battling with different methods of off-ice training – including sliding on smooth plywood with slippery socks – we decided to design our own.

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We now have a prototype of Wiuhu slideboard on the market and the feedback has been phenomenal! We are organizing production for Wiuhu world wide.

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Lari Joutsenlahti

Skating coach and personal trainer ”Wiuhu is the best slideboard I've ever used! It allows really controlled training in off-ice skating.”

Topi Niemelä

Junior Hockey player, Oulun Kärpät ”This slideboard is steady and stable. Besides skating training I use it for other excercises as well. Wiuhu is going to be part of my summer training season. It's far more better than any other slide board i've tried. In fact, I threw all my other slideboards away after I got Wiuhu.”

Pasi Mustonen

Head Coach of the Finnish Women’s National Ice Hockey Team “Good device. It was not that easy. It requires more balance and technique than the traditional board. The material is definitely durable and the board is easy to assemble and piggyback. I would definitely use this in teams summer training”