About us

Who are we?

We are a team of three dudes from northern Finland where hockey is a way of life. Our background is in hockey – ex-players and junior coaches.

Especially junior hockey players don’t have much time on the ice and they still need to master their skating technique if they wish to reach a professional career. Today skaters and hockey players train their skating technique with different kinds of platforms with something to reduce the friction. This does not properly imitate how the slide with real skates and ice is like.

After years and years of battling with different methods of off-the-ice training – including sliding on smooth plywood with slippery socks – we decided to design a method of our own. After long thinking and testing we managed to find the solution which now is named Wiuhu Slideboard.

We have partnered with Tackla in logistics and R&D.  

Wiuhu is a product of Ice Solutions Ltd. We might train as individuals, but we work as a team. Here is ours:

We are (from left): Ville Haanela, Jani Sipilä & Pasi Arola.

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We now have a prototype of Wiuhu slideboard on the market and the feedback has been phenomenal! We are organizing production for Wiuhu world wide.

Wiuhu on YouTube!